Waterfront Homes in Hampton Park

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Waterfront Homes in Hampton Park

The cream of the crop are the waterfront homes in Hampton Park.  How about six showings on the second day of a listing.  Sounds like tales from the Pre-Bubble days doesn’t it?  Well that is what is happening today at our newest listing which just happens to be a waterfront home in Hampton Park.  This is proof positive that all of the accolades I have been heaping on Hampton Park are well deserved.  People recognize value when it is in front of them.  This is a vivid demonstration of just how educated buyers are these days.  Most information traditionally reserved for real estate agents is now readily available to anyone with a computer, a search engine, and a little determination.  Our clients know what to ask and know how to find answers.  Our job is to help with interpretation of all of this information.  Why not do a little investigation of your own?  Take a look at the waterfront homes in Hampton Park.

Our lissting happens to be a Short Sale which means that anyone that writes a contract on it will be in for a long ride.  People have to be determined to have the staying power required to successfully close on one.  They do not control thier own destiny.  There are so many control points over which they have very little and I would argue no control.  First there is the homeowner.  We have all heard the adage “garbage in – garbage out”.  If homeowners fail to provide accurate and timely information nothing else can happen.  Next is the listing agent.  There is no one way to attack a short sale.  Some agents do their own.  Many national brokerages have in-house solutions.  Some use negotiators and others use attorney based negotiators.  I personally am partial to the last solution because of the legalities involved but the true ingredient of success is the ability and tenacity of the person working the case.

Hopefully this all comes tohether to provide a great deal for the buyer.  Take a look at the waterfront homes for sale in Hampton Park.  I cannot say that there will not be more to come because there is and will be a lot of new homes built as this infant community continues to grow.  What I do believe is that anyone taking advantage of this opportunity now will be very satisfied five years from now.  Give us a call at the Dohack group and we will work with you to find your own waterfront home in Hampton Park.



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