Waterfront homes in Gateway, Fort Myers

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Waterfront Homes in Gateway, Fort Myers

Waterfront homes are plentiful in Gateway, Fort Myers.  It is one of the fringe benefits that Southwest Florida has to offer.  Have you ever wondered why this is so?  There is an obvious conclusion that the lakes are useful for draining the land since Florida is so flat and this is partially true but there is more to it than that.  The first and most important reason that lakes are made is that the dirt is needed to raise.  Homes must be built above street grade and the dirt that is excavated is used for that reason.  Since there are no hills in Florida the only place to go is down.  Florida has very rigid standards for fill dirt and requires quality and compaction tests throughout the construction process.  Much of the dirt on the surface is not usable due to organic matter so excavation of the subsurface layers provide the quality fill that is needed.

The other important reason that lakes are built is drainage.  Florida is notorious for hard summer rains.  It is not uncommon to receive rains of an inch per hour.  All of this rain must have somewhere to go.  There is no way to drain this much water at one time.  Lakes are in essence holding reservoirs that when full drain slowly out to rivers and finally the ocean.

We are the ones that benefit.  Take  a look at the beautiful waterfront homes in Gateway, Fort MyersWhat results are the most desirable home sites in the development.  The lakes are really the center of the landscape.  They attract not only snow birds but all forms of wildlife.  it is so soothing to look out over the gentle ripples of the water and find true relaxation.  Take a look at the current listings of waterfront homes in Gateway Fort Myers.  Allow the Dohack group to help you locate and purchase your own waterfront home in Gateway Fort Myers.


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