Waterfront Homes in Daniels Preserve

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Waterfront Homes in Daniels Preserve

Looking for a waterfront home in Daniels Preserve?  You are not alone.  What we find is that these homes do not last for long.  Take a look at the waterfront homes in Daniels Preserve available right now.  These homes run the gambit from regular sales to short sales to foreclosures.  Some may question the community when so many homes sales are distressed but in reality it is just a case of unfortunate timing.  Any community built during that time frame is going to have the same problems.  Property values have fallen so precipitously that anyone who needs to sell has lost not only thier equity but a good deal of principal as well.  Few people are in a position to lose their equity, pay off a large chunk of principal and still have funds to purchase a new place to live.  The result is that they are forced to sell through short sale or foreclosure.

Buyers do not want the aggrevation associated with these sales but often times decide that it is worth the trouble when they look at the savings.  As Realtors we embrace short sale listings.  The fact is that people in our community need our help.  They were unfortunate victims of a real estate market turned upside down through no fault of their own.  They purchased in an environment where good jobs were plentiful, incomes were high, and the future looked very bright.  Most had the income to easily justify their purchase and banks were not only willing but eager to make loans.  Who among us predicted a decrease of value this deep and lasting this long?  That being said, we are less eager to look at short sales for our buyers.  Once people make to decision to purchase they want to succeed.  It is quite difficult to find the perfect home, place a contract on it, and sit back for months on end with no clue about the outcome. 

The short sale process has improved but still needs dramatic overhaul.  Banks are reluctant to embrace the process too much.  They are not in the business of forgiving debt.  They are in the business of earning interest on money lent.  While they see that it is preferable to foreclosure, they see that embracing it too much will encourage more to take advantage of it and will create even larger losses.  How did we get away from our topic.  Take a look and see the waterfront homes for sale in Daniels Preserve.  All of this reinforces the turbulence in the real estate market that is producing unique opportunities.  Give us a call at the Dohack Group and allow us to find the perfect waterfront home in Daniels Preserve.


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