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Why NOW is the Time To Sell Your Home and Trade-Up

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Our market has been continually improving since early 2009 and sellers may now be able to capitalize on this. If you are looking to trade up in the next few years and have any equity in your home, now is the time to sell. Mortgage rates are anticipated to increase which will make it that much more expensive to buy a home at a particular price in the future than now. For those financially stable, the current market is offering a phenomenal opportunity for you to sell your home and trade-up. Right now you can leverage the lower interest rates before they bounce back and make your move into a larger, nicer or better located home.

Consider this, you purchase a $300,000 home today and in a few years you want to trade-up to a $500,000 home, well according to Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff, ‚ÄúThat home is not just that much more expensive, but because mortgage rates are going to be higher…it’s significantly more expensive. So the trade-up market is going to be very troubled in a couple of years.”

Click on the video below with Spencer Rascoff to learn more why now is the time to sell your home and trade-up.

We find that many people like the IDEA of trading up, but the uncertainty inhibits them from fulfilling their ultimate goal. The uncertainty of the value of their current home and the uncertainty of what is available on the market can lead to missing out on this tremendous opportunity. We can offer you a free market analysis of your home and even send you daily listings to help you achieve your ultimate upgrade. Simply call us at 239-963-4811 or contact us to schedule.

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