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Hiring a realtor is not always an easy thing to do.  If you are not located in the area, you have to rely on many factors in making your decision.  Here are the top 7 considerations when hiring a Realtor-Fort Myers.

1.) How Good is their website?

In this information age, a website says A LOT about a business.  A great Realtor knows the importance of providing you with all of the information necessary in helping you make your decision.  If a real estate agent’s website is never updated or hard to navigate, chances are they do not keep up to date with the rest of the technology to find you the best deals.  Most importantly, do they provide a good MLS system for you to begin your search on their site?  You will want to make sure they have this ability.

2.) Can you pick up the phone and call them?

If you cannot get in touch with the potential real estate agent the first time, you may have a difficult time down the road.  A Realtor’s job is to be accessible and help you answer questions in regards to your needs.

3.) Who is their broker?

While you may not be working directly with the broker, the broker oversees all of the actions of the real estate agent.  You will want to choose a reputable Realtor AND a reputable broker.

4.) Do they seem too busy for you?

Real Estate is full of ups and downs, but you want to make sure that you find a real estate agent that spends time with you even when they are busy.  Picking an agent that is part of a team can help assure that they will be available for you.

5.) How well do they utilize technology for you?

Admittedly, this is a question you will need to ask your potential Realtor specifically.  Real Estate has many great tools that agents can utilize to better serve their clients.  Unfortunately, many Real Estate Agents are stuck in the past.  If you are selling a home, how do they leverage technology to get it sold?  If you are buying, does your agent have the technological know-how to send you listings as they come on the market.  We’re in an age that looking once per week for you is NOT good enough.  You need instant notifications of the right property.

6.) What is their “farm” market?

A “farm” market is a special geographic area of concentration for real estate agents.  You will want to pick an agent that is extremely familiar with the area you are looking to buy.  If you are looking for a Fort Myers Realtor, make sure your agent does not specialize in Southwest Cape Coral canal properties.  Pretty simple concept.

7.) Do you feel good about them?

Much of life is about gut feelings.  I always say to “trust your gut.”  Whether your initial impression is good or bad, trust your instincts enough to help you make the decision.

In finding the perfect fit your needs, you can ask us for any information by calling 239-244-1340.  We are happy to help.

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