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Took the Time to Explain All of My Options

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“I highly recommend Brad Dohack and the Dohack Group.

In the spring of 2010, my wife and I separated and I quickly determined that I could not continue paying the mortgage. I found the Dohack Group through a Google search, and arranged to meet Brad and Dick. In that first meeting, I was struck by two things: 1) their professionalism and knowledge, and 2) their integrity. They could have simply given me a pitch for going the short-sale route and retaining their services; instead, they took the time to explain all of my options, and to help me figure out what was best for my circumstances.

I decided to attempt the short sale and to hire Brad. Within 24 hours, he had found an initial offer. We had the misfortune, though, of having an unusually obstinate bank to deal with; they delayed for several weeks, Brad had to find another offer, etc., and we repeated this cycle several times. Ultimately — because of the interminable delays of the bank involved — the entire process took more than one year, much longer than anticipated. In financial terms, this meant that Brad was not earning a very hefty commission in relation to all the work he devoted to this sale. Yet one would never have suspected that: Throughout the entire process, Brad and his team was energetic in pursuing offers, and thoroughly professional and timely in their communications with me.

I cannot praise Brad and the Dohack Group highly enough. They treated me as if I were there only customer. And additionally, Brad and his father Dick are genuinely personable, intellligent folks… in short, really great people to work with and become acquainted with.”

~John Cox, Ph.D.

Associate professor, UNC Charlotte

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