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Fort Myers FL Real Estate – Historical Value Right Now

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If you follow my blog with any regularity you know that for the last 6 months that I have been shouting from the roof tops that now is the time to buy Fort Myers FL Real Estate. This area was home to the fastest growing real estate market in the country when the down turn hit. Over zealous investing created supply that just could not be absorbed once the slow down occurred. What has followed is a free fall in values as banks are forced to liquidate assets at 30 day prices. A November 11th article in the Fort Myers News Press outlines facts and trends that confirm my claims that the downward trend in values has bottomed. The following are a few bullet points from that article.
• In the past year alone the median price in Lee County has plunged 40% to just $98,000.00
• The nationwide median price is $177,900.00
• Veteran Real Estate expert says “Statistically, we are probably done with price drops”
• Buyers from the north know that this is the last year for bargain prices so they are motivated
• 64% of sales in Lee county in the past year have been cash sales
o Investors recognize this unique opportunity
• Passage of tax credits gives both first time buyers and current owners $6,500.00 to $8,000.00 incentive
What it doesn’t say is that Southwest Florida is one of the most desirable destinations in the country for its sun, beaches, and life style. We are watching a historical opportunity unfold. If you have any intentions of buying or investing in Florida real estate, I encourage you to jump off the fence and act now.

Investment Properties Fort Myers FL – So You Think You Are Ready?

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So you think you are ready to jump in and buy that Fort Myers FL home.  You have 9 days to come to sunny Fort Myers, relax, soak up some sun, and oh yea buy a vacation home.  As crazy as this sounds to some, my wife would just shake her head and say here we go again.  It is hard to admit but sometimes her reasoning is just better than mine.  Fortunately, we live in an age where making this work scenario is not impossible.

Thanks to the amazing internet investment properties in Fort Myers FL are purchased regularly by investors who never step foot in them.  Do I recommend this?  Yes, but only in rare situations.  If you have worked with an agent several times in the past and have good rapport then it is possible to succeed in this manner.  If on the other hand you are seeking a home that will be your personal residence I would certainly encourage you to be personally active.

A house must feel like a home.  While a picture is worth a 1000 words, nothing takes the place of walking the property and the home.  This being said the process does not need to consume your vacation.  The amount of information available on the internet is nearly limitless and coupled with an agent that knows the area and is comfortable with the technology available today the process can certainly be taken from drudgery to invigorating.

I have experienced lazy agents who think nothing of wasting their clients’ time.  They haphazardly assemble a list of properties that they have not viewed and begin an aimless day of trudging through property after property.  Would you spend time touring countless Chevrolet dealers if what you really wanted was a Mercedes?  Why would you?  While it the price of the Chevrolet is appealing, in the end you will not be happy with it.

As an agent, I am responsible for knowing the area and what it has to offer.  I am in and out of homes in every price range and every community and combined with your communication can steer you to a home that will please you.  The market is dynamic right now.  It is driven by foreclosure and short sale homes that are undeniable bargains.  We have all heard the used car salesman’s line, “ act now or this one will be gone”.  For lower end homes I am happy to tell you that this is indeed the case.  Higher priced homes are not moving quite as fast right now but the bargains are being snapped up in every category.  My advice is, “do your homework before you arrive and be ready to commit.”

I have witnessed the disappointment associated with delayed decisions that ends in losing the perfect home.  Define your budget and expectations and share them openly with your agent.  Allow him to familiarize you with communities, HOA associations and fees, and individual homes so that the process of home buying can be enjoyable and your vacation can be a vacation.  Hope to see you in sunny Florida soon.

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