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Don’t Allow Your Home to End Up in Foreclosure

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The reasons that homes end up in foreclosure are many.  Many Ft Myers FL homes were purchased under economic assumptions that no longer apply. While I understand the causes I also see the devastating affects that Foreclosure has on a person’s ability to build a new and better future.  I am no attorney but I will offer some observations in the hope that it can help prevent unnecessary hardship.  Most people who realize they can no longer afford to pay their mortgage just quit.  This begins a process which snowballs and eventually becomes too large to fix and leads to eviction and financial ruin.

What I recommend is seeking out professional assistance as soon as the problem is recognized or maybe more accurately anticipated.  Here are the first questions you will have to answer.

  • Can the house be sold for enough to pay off what you owe on it?
  • Do you have the means to solve this situation on your own?  Do you have money sitting in a bank account or equity in another property that you can use to catch up or pay off the mortgage?
  • Do you insist on staying in the home even if a solution is found?

If you the answer to any of these questions is yes then you need to implement a plan to resolve the problem according to your means.  If on the other hand you answer no, then do not delay.  Call us or another professional immediately.  Many agents try to manage this process on their own and quite frankly transactions often fail as a result.  We are experts at listing and selling real estate.  We are not attorneys or bank negotiators.  Our approach is very different.  We begin with a dedication to helping you, our client.  The first order of business is to evaluate your individual situation and determine a course of action that will work for you specifically.  Every case is different.  Assuming that short selling your Ft Myers FL Home is indicated we bring in a professional team consisting of professional negotiators, attorneys and clerical staff who work with people like yourself to relieve them of the burden that an unaffordable mortgage creates and at the same time minimize credit consequences.  We do all this at no cost to you.

The short sale process requires a buyer.  No bank is going to negotiate a settlement unless there is a buyer in place.  While our team of professionals are working on negotiations with the bank we are working to put a buyer in place so that the process is rapid and seamless.   Quite simply, this is the best system currently available.  Please do not delay.  Start your journey today to a better life.

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