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Tax Credit Extension

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Rarely will you see comments here regarding politics but this is one instance that I must speak out.  Today marks the day that the “first time home buyer tax credit” was extended and indeed expanded to include current home owners and our politicians deserve thanks.  It is no secret that this area has been pummeled by the melt down of the housing market.  I saw the previous credit give the industry a shot in the arm and watched in fear as the end of it approached.  Fort Myers FL homes have never been more affordable and combined with this credit, first time home buyers are foolish not to act.  Indeed, as a result they have not just been a part of the market; they have been the entire market.  Current home owners have seen their equity dry up and very few are bold enough to take on more debt in such uncertainty.  The extension of this credit is going to give retirees the incentive they need to act.  The credit is obviously not something that can go on forever but truly what is needed here and now.  I commend them.

First Time Home Buyers in Fort Myers

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It is the age of the stimulus.

The government – in an effort to jump start the economy – has instituted a number of programs most of which have fallen short of the intended purpose.  The foreclosure nightmare has created an unprecedented number of Fort Myers FL homes for sale at historically low prices and one of the most generous programs offered to the general public is the “First Time Home Buyer Program”.  This program offers 8% of the purchase price of a home up to $100,000.00 or $8,000.00 in the way of an income tax credit to first time home buyers.  This program is somewhat narrow in focus, and in many ways falls short of accomplishing its intended purpose, but if you fall within the designated criteria you cannot afford to let this pass you by.  Essentially the government is stepping up and making your down payment through a dollar for dollar tax credit.

The bottom line is that Fort Myers FL homes are being purchased at bargain prices with minimal or no down payment.  In order to assure that you qualify however it is recommended that contracts are submitted and accepted by the end of September so that banks can complete paperwork before the November 30th deadline.

This is an incredible opportunity for first time home buyers to begin building net worth and a bright future.

First Time Home Buyer Assistance

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Time is Running out for First Time Home Buyers

OK – so you have heard about the “First Time Home Buyer” assistance program that the federal government has offered and you have wondered if maybe you would be eligible. Well there is only one way to find out and that is for you to apply. The reality is that there are plenty of Fort Myers, FL homes for sale that are priced to take advantage of this but time is running out. If you have questions I encourage you to call me and allow me to work with you directly but I have located a video that does a very good job of outlining the program. Just watch the video below.

In summary, this program is unprecedented and very easy to qualify. I have seen many cases where owning one of these homes is actually less costly than renting and it gives you an opportunity to build equity and a bright future. DO NOT WASTE ANY MORE PRECIOUS TIME. CALL ME AND APPLY!

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