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Honest, Dependable and Trustworthy

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I went through the wringer with various agents in Cape Coral. Brad was the first one that I felt I could trust. This is extremely important when buying a home sight unseen from overseas. It was easily apparent that he did not sugar coat his descriptions of a property either visually or in writing. I would be happy to provide a reference for Brad and highly encourage others not to make the mistakes I did. Honest, dependable, and trustworthy, not much more needs to be said.

~Stephen Desautel

Brad was a Lifesaver

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Brad was a lifesaver and the only reason I have a new home. Brad helped locate the house via his custom searches and navigated our way through the foreclosure maze.

He worked things out the with the association, the lender and the bank that owned the property. Believe it or not we closed on the estimated closing date. I have bought a lot of homes and have never seen that happen.

Brad is a blessing and anyone not working with him is making a mistake. I look forward to many more transactions in the future.

Thank you again for making this happen.

~Kevin Koelemeyer

We Cannot Say Enough Good Things About Brad

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We cannot say enough good things about Brad and the Absync Realty team! They were with us for the entire process of selling and buying a house. Brad truly took the time and cared for us, he always replied very quickly to any messages we sent to him. He made sure everything was done in a timely matter from everyone we worked with during the course of time with him.

He gave expert advice and we completely trusted his opinion which was very helpful since we are novice to the realty scene. We were able to sell our house within a matter of days and worked out an amazing offer to stay in the house until we purchased our new one. Showing the house was easy as well with their phone system, we didn’t have to plan or organize anything. Brad was able to meet with us around our schedule too and showed us homes that met our criteria.

Also, Brad has excellent contacts, for example, he recommended a mortgage broker for us and we were very thankful to had been able to work with them since they did any amazing job. He was with us through it all even when we were indecisive on the type of home and location we desired.

We had originally thought that selling and buying a house would be a daunting task, however it was made quite simple and practically stress-free. We are very happy with our new home and we love everything about it, we couldn’t have done this or be where we are today without him. We consider Brad not only our realtor for life, but also a friend after the wonderful experience we had. We would highly recommend him to anyone who is either buying or selling a house in the area.

~Ashley and Tyler

Using Your IRA to Invest in Real Estate

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investing in real estate using your ira

It almost sounds too good to be true. The fact that IRA holders can use their retirement funds before retirement age to purchase real estate without incurring penalties or taxes might be news to some. However, increasing numbers of people are discovering the benefits of investing in real estate with their retirement funds.

Ways to Purchase Real Estate with your Self-Directed IRA

A self-directed Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is similar to other IRAs but allows a broader range of investment opportunities, including real estate and grants the owner the right to make the investment decisions and not a brokerage firm. A self-directed IRA needs to be set up with a custodian who is experienced in administering such an account, such as Advanta IRA.

1. Cash Purchase – If you have sufficient funds in your self-directed IRA to cover the entire real estate purchase, including closing costs, taxes, fees and insurance you may make the purchase outright using your self-directed IRA. All ongoing expenses relating to the real estate investment must be paid out of your self-directed IRA. In addition, all income or gains relating to your real estate investment must be returned to your self-directed IRA.

2. Percentage Ownership – You can multiply your buying power by partnering with others. Just because you don’t have enough cash in your IRA does not mean you cannot buy real estate. All income and expenses would be allocated to the parties in relation to their percentage of ownership in the property.

3. Nonrecourse Loan – This option allows the IRA to borrow money to purchase real estate. An IRA can borrow money, but it must receive a nonrecourse loan. This means the IRA holder cannot personally guarantee the loan, only the property will be used as collateral.

4. Checkbook Control – With a slightly different structure, the IRA is set up as a self-directed IRA LLC. An LLC is created for your money to be held and for you to invest at your discretion. A custodian is not required to execute each transaction.

Know the Rules

• Any property purchased by an IRA is owned by the IRA…not an individual.
• Any money used to purchase a property with an IRA must come directly from an IRA, not an individual.
• You cannot be reimbursed by your IRA.
• Any expenses or repairs must be paid directly by the IRA. An IRA custodian can assist with this.
• Any income generated from the property must go back into the IRA.
• Purchases made with an IRA need to be for investment, not personal use.
• The real estate you buy must be an investment property(personal use is prohibited).
• An IRA cannot do business with family members which includes you, a spouse, parents, children, grandparents, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
• Use of an LLC custodian is required by the IRS since you are unable to personally renovate or actively manage the property yourself.

For those interested in investing retirement funds in real estate, the great news is there is something for just about everyone. The opportunities to invest in real estate right now are incredible…especially when you combine this with the ability to use a self-directed IRA.

We at Absync Realty are uniquely positioned to assist you with this investment strategy. We have personal experience in purchasing, renovating, leasing and selling IRA investment properties. Our property management arm allows you to use this unique and profitable investment strategy without any of the headaches often associated with real estate. We handle everything and ACH the funds directly into your IRA each month.

Give us a call at 239-963-4811. We are anxious to share with you the benefits and personal success stories from self-directed IRA real estate investing.

He Went Way Above & Beyond Our Expectations

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We live in Manitoba Canada and have been looking to buy a home in Florida for a few years. We finally settled on the Fort Myers area as we narrowed our search and feel so fortunate to have found Mr. Dohack. Browsing his extremely well designed website we found the perfect home, a short sale, then after contacting Mr. Dohack about the home he went way above and beyond our expectations with promptness, courtesy, the utmost of professionalism and with complete integrity.

To start, he promptly completed and sent us photos and a video walk through of the home we chose (and some comparisons we had also expressed interest in), checked all aspects of the home, helped us navigate the short sale process, eventually helped us finalize our purchase and is now helping us manage the few minor repairs and preparations required on the home to rent it out.

He managed all the details for us so we were able to complete the entire process from a distance. He put us in touch with people who could help us get taxation matters for Canadian buyers dealt with, searched and connected us with the best options for home insurance, connected us with a rental management company that is part of the Absync realty group and is now helping us get our house ready to be rented out, going even so far as meeting Fort Myers utilities at the home to connect the utilities for us.

He did all of this for us at a distance, with us remaining Canada through the entire process. He did not charge us any fees for this or ask for anything up front. We fully agree with all the reviews posted so far, Mr. Dohack is truly a professional. We have complete trust and confidence in Mr. Dohack and highly recommend him to anyone wanting to buy a home.

Our experience as Canadian buyers has be phenomenal, Mr. Dohack made a potentially very complex and daunting endeavor seamless, effortless, a pleasure and smoother than any real estate purchase we have ever made here in Canada. We are thrilled with our purchase and feel truly blessed to have had Mr. Dohack on our side throughout the process.

~Rick and Friederike Ballantyne

He Makes Buying a Property from a Distance Possible

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My husband and I were looking for a house in Fort Myers to escape Canadian winters. We were very lucky to have come across Brad Dohack. It was a pleasure to deal with Brad who is such a professional and helpful person. He was always available to provide useful and valuable information on various properties. When we finally visited Fort Myers, he lined up a number of properties for viewing during our stay.

He makes buying a property from a distance possible and seamless. We are so pleased with his services and recommend him without reservations for a real estate transaction. Thanks Brad.

~Bob and Gaetane

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