Short Sales in Hampton Park

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Short Sales in Hampton Park

Are you interested in Short Sales in Hampton Park?  Maybe you should be and maybe not.  It is a fact that short sales can offer great value for those who are fortunate and patient.  For many others they are a source of frustration and do not work out.  As a realtor, I of course recommend that you take advantage of the services that we offer whenever you purchase a home.  As a buyer, you have the privilege of being able to be professionally represented at the expense of the seller.  This could easily be the topic but the point of it is that professional and experienced representation is never more important than when you are purchasing a short sale.

Not all short sales in Hampton Park are the same.  As a buyer you need a Realtor that is able to establish a rapport with the listing agent and knows what to ask.  There are many circumstances that affect whether or not a short sale is going to be successful.  It is sad and misleading but the majority of short sales are destined for foreclosure.  Time drags on and the bank either fails or refuses to negotiate until the process finally ends in foreclosure.

Many other short sales in Hampton Park provide suspense and surprise.  One of the difficulties that we confront as Realtors is the perception that the listed price is the price.  In any situation other than short sales the listing price is anchored in reality.  When you look at the listing price of a short sale in Hampton Park it can mean anything and in reality it means nothing.  Months into the process the bank orders a Brokers price opinion and determines the price…PERIOD.  This price has nothing to do with the contract, the listing price, or anything else that normally establishes a price.  It is simply the bank’s opinion of the value at that moment in time.

If you have the ability and the make-up for this sort of process it can indeed offer value.  Short sales in Hampton Park provide opportunity for many.  They are best suited for purchasers of second homes or first time home buyers that have flexibility in timing.  In all cases, they require agents on both sides of the sale that are experienced and follow through.  If you are considering a short sale in Hampton Park call the Dohack Group.  We have the expertise that is necessary to succeed.

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