Short Sales in Gateway Country Club

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Short Sales in Gateway Country Club


Short Sales in Gateway Country Club

Perhaps it is time to look at Short Sales in Gateway Country Club.  I am generally not a huge fan of short sales since the process is wrought with lengthily delays and surprises but the process has been streamlined and it is clear that there are deals to be had through the process.  Generally, short sales and foreclosures are priced the same so why bothe with the uncertainty of the short sale process.  There is only one reason, often times short sales are superior properties.  Foreclosure homes are vacated and most of the time have gone without electricity for months if not years.  In a climate where heat and humidity are the constant time takes a toll on a home.  Mold is a major concern, carpet is almost always a lost cause and even issues with the drywall are not uncommon. 

Generally short sales have someone living in the property.  This means that the electricity is still on and that the air conditioner has been running and keeping humidity down in the home.  Many times the yard is still being taken care of and while it may need some attention you are not starting over as is the case in nearly all foreclosures.  Take a look at the short sales in Gateway Country Club at this time.  Look at the pictures in the listings and then take a look at some of the foreclosures in Gateway Country Club.  In general you will see quite a difference in the condition of the home.

Short sales still require extreme patience and are not right for everyone.  There are two types of people that I think can consider this option.  The investor who has no time line and is just looking for the right deal and the person looking for a second residence.  They have the opportunity to make an offer and sit back and see where things go.  It is very difficult to pursue the process for a primary residence due to the uncertainty and the disappointment of sticking with a deal for 6 months only to find out that it is not going to work out is devastating for most.  Having said all of this I still see that the best deals I uncover are often times short sales.  Take one more look at the Short Sales in Gateway Country Club.  Give us a call at the Dohack Group and allow us to discuss whether this is right for you.

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