Short Sales in Daniels Preserve

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Short Sales in Daniels Preserve

It may be the time to look at Short sales in Daniels Preserve.  I must admit that I am always hesitant to show a short sale due to the uncertainty that always surrounds them.  In an ordinary sale there is a procedure and   that can be counted on.  We can get out our play book and run the play.  All the players know their roles and we know we can count on them.  Our client knows that once there is an accepted contract the closing date is set and rarely missed.

Short Sales are quite the opposite.  When a client signs that contract they have no idea how long the time line will be.  They only know that it will be long.  There are highs and lows.  Even the finish line is uncertain.  The selling price is up in the air until the very end since it is set by the investor at the very end of the process after the appraisal is received.  So given all of these negatives why do I say that it may be time to look at Short sales n Daniels Preserve?

Quite simply, the processes are improving and banks are more receptive to it.  They have found that a short sale is superior to foreclosure.  Take a look at the current short sales in Daniels Preserve.  Particularly now, with all that is going on in the world of foreclosures banks will want to avoid it at all costs.  There is new scrutiny in the processing of documents and threats that some of them will be overturned.  The Foreclosure process is long and costly anyway.  The new difficulties add even more cost and uncertainty.  In the past they have been reluctant to embrace the short sale process fearing that too many people would see it as an easy solution.  Unfortunately there are no easy answers.  Darned if they do and Darned if they don’t. 

As a result I now say that for some short sales in Daniels Preserve might be an option.  Take a look at the short sales in Daniels Preserve.  You still must be ready to ride out the uncertainty and be willing to stay in for the ride but this is a means to finding a great property at a great price.  Call us at the Dohack Group and allow us to help you understand the process and perhaps find your own Short Sale in Daniels Preserve.

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