When you decide it is time to sell your home you are immediately faced with that all important decision.

Who do I choose to represent me?

Who you choose to represent you will ultimately affect whether or not your home will sell. We begin by spending time learning about you and your home and will then design a custom marketing plan for your review and approval.  To get started immediately, Contact Us directly by CLICKING HERE.  If you are looking for some tips in the process, we prepared our Top 10 Tips below.  Enjoy! 

10 Easy Tips to Get Your Fort Myers FL Home Sold

We have all witnessed homes in our neighborhood going up for sale.  Markets vary but there is no getting around the competitive aspects of listing and more importantly, selling a home.  We have seen the nicest home on the block languish on the market while the ugly duckling sells in two weeks.  Sometimes these situations seem to defy logic but to the seasoned professional it is less mystical.  I will attempt to lay out a straight forward plan that when followed takes away that mystery.


Selling a home is not something you do on a whim.  You have a reason for listing your home.  If your heart is not in it then you will not be open to the information and advice that you will receive from your realtor who wants to carry out your wishes. 


Have you ever lamented when it was time to sell a car that once you cleaned it up you thought maybe it wasn’t so bad after all. 


Nothing will get buyers in the door like curb appeal.  A day in the sun with a power washer is powerful.  Second only to hedge trimmers and a few bags of mulch.  Meticulous attention to details sets the tone for what is inside. 


Assuming you are serious and have already cleaned up your act the next logical step is to team up with a strong and worthy alli.  We all go to doctors, dentists, and auto service technicians.  Why, because if we worked on our own teeth or broken arms the outcomes would not be what we are looking for.  It is the same in selling a home.  You need a professional that is armed with all the weapons to get your home sold and all the training and support to do it in a legally protected manner. 


This is the technology age.  Everyone has a computer and the internet.  You have more information than ever before but is it enough?  I have the answer.  NO!  After the home, comes the price, then there is presentation.  In this day and age the competition has never been keener.  There are agents that think marketing a home is putting it on the MLS and in the local newspaper.  I would never downplay the MLS it is powerful because it is the primary tool for Real Estate Agents but Realtors don’t buy homes consumers do and any marketing plan has to be multi-faceted and targeted on the buyer.  We actually build an individual website for every one of our listings.  It is time consuming and expensive but guess what, IT WORKS! 


I have always said that I would rather have someone tell me what they will do than what I want to hear.  We have all seen the TLC programs where people go through homes and crudely make fun of homes.  That is not what we are talking about.  What we are talking about is sensitive discussion about market realities.  When selling a home the focus changes.  It is no longer about your tastes and way of life it is about making the home appealing to a buyer.  It may be important to you to have 1000 pairs of high heels and if it is you should, but to a prospective buyer the closet looks cluttered and too small. Seek honest advice and listen to it.  It is offered to help you achieve your goal. 


We are all familiar with the phrase.  What it indicates is that a fair price has been agreed upon and a buyer is in place.  I cannot emphasize enough the importance of the correct price right away.  You have heard the saying “You never get a second First Impression”.  The first 30 days are critical.  Agents and buyers scour new listings.  They are savvy about what is out there and what values are.  You may have just what they want but if it is priced incorrectly they quickly move on never to return. 


When we walk into a professionally decorated home it just feels good.  A professional stager can transform the ordinary into the dramatic.  I have personally had this done to my home, not for selling purposes but for my own enjoyment.  The greatest benefit was in my living room.  Repositioning the furniture, pictures, and plants took it from functional to fantastic. 


A picture is worth a 1,000 words.  20 of them must be worth 20,000 words.  My motto is take a bunch and post them everywhere.  Pictures, videos / YouTube, Trulia, Facebook. Exposure, exposure, exposure. 


This is the point that I am most passionate about.  If you are considering selling your home in Southwest Florida you will not find a better representative.  Dick Dohack, and Brad Dohack of the DOHACK GROUP combine age, experience, technological expertise, and personal care and attention to truly be your best choice.  We have a plan and a determination that you will find sets us apart. Contact Us directly by CLICKING HERE.