Owner Financing Opportunities in Fort Myers FL

Owner Financing Opportunities in Fort Myers FL

Many potential buyers are interested in owner financing opportunities these days than ever before…and it’s not hard to understand why. 

Because of the massive number of short sales and foreclosures happening in our market, many previous homeowners find themselves in a situation where conventional lending will not suffice.

Let me go into some of the Pros & Cons of looking for owner financing opportunities in Fort Myers:


1.) Ability to get financing.  As I mentioned, some people who went through a short sale or foreclosure are ineligible for a certain time frame from getting a conventional loan.  Many sellers understand the current market and are more willing to look past a recent short sale or foreclosure.

2.) Flexible terms.  In more owner financing deals, the buyer can negotiate the specifics of the terms of financing.  For instance, as a buyer, you may want a low interest rate amortized over 30 years that has a balloon payment after only 3-5 years.  This allows you time to get your credit under control, and yet the seller is happy to get the full amount in a shorter time frame than 30 years.

3.) Usually a motivated seller.  Sellers who consider owner financing opportunities are usually very motivated to sell their home.   They are flexible enough to offer financing terms that put off their final payment for some time.


1.) May pay a premium for the home.  Because owner financing opportunities are usually typical resales, you could be paying more for the home than you would pay for a short sale or foreclosure.   It’s no secret that distressed properties are the best deals around.  The problem with short sales & foreclosures is that they very, very RARELY have seller financing opportunities.

2.) Down Payment.  Put yourself in the shoes of the seller for a minute here.  They are going to sign over their home to a person who is probably a stranger and hold a first mortgage on the property.  They are trusting that you will pay your mortgage on time, or they will be forced to foreclose on the property.  Of course someone in this position will want the biggest down payment they can get.  There is no hard, fast rule to what that down payment is, but typically I’ve seen anywhere from 10-50% (depending on the seller). 

Well, there you have it, owner financing opportunities in Fort Myers, FL are a great way for someone who either cannot get or does not want to get conventional financing.  If you have any questions in regards to how it all works, you can certainly ask me. 

I’ve also compiled here a list of all of the owner financing opportunities in Fort Myers, FL. 

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