Hampton Park Short Sales – Fort Myers Luxury Homes at Severe Discounts

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Hampton Park Short SalesHampton Park Short Sales

Hampton Park Fort Myers has been a long-time favorite community of mine.  People just now are starting to realize why it’s a HUGE winner. 

If you talk to any investment expert, they will all tell you the same exact thing.  The money you make on an investment is made from the buying, not the selling.  If you can buy an investment at a severe discount, this is where the money is to be made.  Apply this to housing. 

We have had our fair share of doom and gloom media in the housing market.  For the savvy individuals out there, this should be music to your ears!  I recently read the biography of Warren Buffett.  The guy is simply amazing to me.  Nothing fancy, no silver bullet strategy.  Mr. Buffet simply has 1 strategy that has suited him well over his lifetime…do the exact opposite of what the masses are doingSell when others are buying and buy when others are selling. 

If you apply this methodology to the real estate market, we could all have learned something.  No one can tell the future, no…not even Warren Buffett, but you can’t win if you don’t play the game

Now, what does all of this have to do with Hampton Park Short Sales?  You see, many people who were not using Warren Buffett’s strategy bought at the height of the market in Hampton Park.  Many of these people find themselves under water with their mortgages.  Now, it’s not a matter of wanting to sell, it’s needing to sell. 

Hampton Park Club HouseBuying Hampton Park Short Sales or Hampton Park foreclosures ensures that you are getting an amazing deal.  They are selling at ridiculous $$/sq. ft prices, but it won’t last forever.  You see, Lennar – the home builder – has come into the elite, gated community and purchased the remaining residential lots.  They know the community is a winner, so they are building new construction fast.  People are buying these homes quickly, which will help the values of the community.  This could be a recipe for great success.

Instead of only giving you the Hampton Park short sales, here is a list of all of the homes for sale in Hampton Park.  It has short sales, resales, and the occasional foreclosure on it.  I keep this list completely up-to-date, so you can be sure that you have accurate information.  I’m happy to help show you the community.  Also, ask me for my infamous 2 Cent Tour of Hampton Park.  I’ll share it with you.


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