Finally, We Found the “Right Home”

“Hi Dick,
Gerry and I want to thank you so much for all your help in purchasing our retirement home in FL, it was a pleasure to do the business with you. I like the way you work from the beginning:

First You asked us all the criteria we wanted for our home.

After that we sent us the listings that match our criteria, and you were very persistent on sending us the listings. I have to say I am not very easy to please. I am not going to just settle for any home it must be the right home. But you have all the patience in the world and not gave up on us. Listings after listings with all my rejection you said “that’s OK we will find you the right home” and you were not pressure for the sale. And occasionally we found a home in the website, we let you know and you went out there to take the video and e-mail to us for “a visual tour”, that is a great service. Finally we found one “the right home”

After the Escrow closed you are still helping us out, most realtors probably just disappeared after the sale is final, BUT NOT you, Dick! We are appreciated all your help. For example you helping us by working with the security company in getting the security monitor set up, and all the other things that I have to burden you for your help. You have such a good attitude and patience, like one time when I was fraustrated with the security company and you have to go to the house for the 3rd time for the security monitor problem, I called you and you said “don’t worry about it we will get it done” it such a comfort to hear that and knowing that you are there to help us all the way. Like I always say “YOU ARE THE BEST, Dick!!!. And we are very much appreciated all the help you give us.


~ Kanitha and Gerry from CA

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