Fort Myers Home Prices Firm Up | Are We at the Bottom?

The front page of today’s News Press reads “Lee County Home Prices, Sales Go Up”.  Optimism in the real estate industry has been hard to come by in recent times.  For the savvy home buyer, statistics prove the Southwest Florida real estate market is on the rebound.  The median price of a home in Lee County increased from $89,700 in September to $91,600 in October.  Those numbers may seem insignificant to the median home price of $322,300 in December of 2005, but the numbers are extremely important.

The savvy home buyer now knows that prices are on the increase, so much that 1,413 homes were sold in the month of October, just in Lee County.  Based on what we’re seeing, the deals are still plentiful.  We are receiving new notifications of incredible homes for even more incredible prices enter the market daily.

With the first time home buyer credit extension and deals of the decade, we anticipate sales will continue to rise as prices continue to firm up.  If you would like to be notified of the best deals as they enter the market, simply fill out the form on the top right of this page.  We will keep you in the “know.”

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