Foreclosures in Gateway Country Club

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Foreclosures in Gateway Country Club


Foreclosures in Gateway Country Club

The time is still ripe to pick up foreclosures in Gateway Country Club.  I am writing this on the heels of the news that the nation’s largest lenders have suspended all processing of foreclosure properties.  What this has done is create an attitude of wait and see.  The volume of home shoppers has fallen substantially this past month as people evaluate this latest curve ball.  Take a look at the foreclosures in Gateway Country Club at this time.  Most likely you will see reduced numbers.  Ironically, these are the times when you should be most active.  Buyers generally have time to pull back and evaluate but sellers have made up their minds to sell and are ready to move their property.  This is especially true for foreclosures in Gateway Country Club and elsewhere.  Banks bring a property to market and track very closely the number of days on the market.  When the number of sales declines prices suffer.  It is the law of supply and demand.

When you buy a home you take out a mortgage for 30 years.  It is not really rational that one would decide that it is time to buy a home and then sit back and watch what others are doing before taking action yet it happens all the time.  If you want to buy a foreclosure in Gateway Country Club and want to time the market I suggest that you reverse the typical process.  When the majority is stepping back I suggest that you step forward.  It is the way to the very best deals.  Take a look right now at the foreclosures in Gateway Country Club.

Don’t let this historic decline in real estate values slip away.  On average resale homes are selling at about half of the cost of new construction.  In my mind this cannot continue forever.  When will these two numbers come together?  Many say the end of 2011 others say 2012.  Are either correct?  We can only wait and see but a year ago you couldn’t find anyone that would even make a prediction.  Take advantage of this last bit of temporary uncertainty and take a look at the foreclosures in Gateway Country Club.  Call us at the Dohack Group and allow us to work with you at finding the perfect new home.

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