Foreclosures in Cypress Cay

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Foreclosures in Cypress Cay


Foreclosures in Cypress Cay

The market for foreclosures in Cypress Cay has been very strong.  This is true for most foreclosures since people are quick to recognize the value they receive but it is especially true here.  Unfortunately it was built at the time when values were at their peak and as a result anyone needing to sell has been forced in to a distressed sale.   What sets Cypress Cay apart other than price?  As I see it the answer is value.  Cypress Cay is not a gated community but has the feel of one.  It has all the integrity you expect with a community pool and a play area for children but does not carry with it the costs associated with most gated communities.  Does this sound like a place you would like to live.  Take a look at the foreclosures in Cypress Cay and see if there is one that fits your needs.

The two story homes represent some of the best values we see out there.  Value is generally measured by dollar per square foot.  For the most part the two story homes fall in to the $60 to $80 per square foot range.  New construction would easily cost double that amount.  Best of all these homes are only 4 to 6 years old.  The newer the home the higher the building standards and these homes are no exception.  On top of that all of the mechanical systems are still very new.  These homes should offer years of trouble free service.  Why not take a look at the foreclosures in Cypress Cay.  These values will diminish as home prices increase and more and more of the homes come throughout the distressed sale process and are re-capitalized at the lower value. 

I believe that anyone who is currently contemplating the idea of making a purchase should take action.  I have never in my lifetime seen relative value at these levels.  Home prices in relation to incomes are at historic lows.  This is especially true in Southwest Florida.  Since inventory levels were so high when the real estate bubble burst banks were forced to price homes at ridiculously low prices if they were to lure scared investors out from the sidelines.  While prices are still very low they are beginning to rise slowly and steadily.  I am often asked if we have seen the bottom and I can only offer my educated opinion.  My opinion is yes!  If you are one of those who have been considering a purchase, I encourage you to wait no longer.  I believe that this season is going to be particularly active and that prices are going to reflect that renewed interest.  Give us a call at the Dohack Group and we will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect foreclosure in Cypress Cay.


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