Fall is here! And it’s wonderful…

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I will be the first to admit, when it starts to get cold for all of your Northerners, I can get a little annoying.  I have many friends and family from up north and usually starting in October, I get a phone call talking about how they can’t believe it’s so cold already.  My initial response is usually, “so when are you coming to Florida?” 

This year it was truly amazing.  On October 1st, it was almost as if Mother Nature flipped a switch and made the weather perfect.  We have had much lower humidity and extremely nice days since then! 

People are always asking me when and if the real estate market will ever turn around.  I don’t have a crystal ball, but I can tell you that during the winter time, people will always want to come to Florida.  Back when I lived in St. Louis, I remember those white-knuckled days of scraping the ice off my windshield before driving in that white powdery snow.  Oh yes, I remember.  There is a reason why I live in Florida! 

For those of you up north looking for an excuse to come to Florida, all you have to do is look at weather.com for Fort Myers.  That should help :).

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