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He Makes Buying a Property from a Distance Possible

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My husband and I were looking for a house in Fort Myers to escape Canadian winters. We were very lucky to have come across Brad Dohack. It was a pleasure to deal with Brad who is such a professional and helpful person. He was always available to provide useful and valuable information on various properties. When we finally visited Fort Myers, he lined up a number of properties for viewing during our stay.

He makes buying a property from a distance possible and seamless. We are so pleased with his services and recommend him without reservations for a real estate transaction. Thanks Brad.

~Bob and Gaetane

I Can’t Say Enough Good Things About Brad

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I recently purchased a home in Ft. Myers with Brad Dohack as my realtor. I can’t say enough good things about Brad. His professionalism, knowledge, and persistence made this transaction very smooth. Even though my lender dropped the ball and missed crucial deadlines, I knew Brad would make it happen. Every call, email, and text message was answered in a timely and efficient manner. Every opportunity I get, I will mention Brad’s name and HIGHLY recommend him.

~John Natanni

I Would Wholeheartedly Recommend Brad Dohack

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We live in Massachusetts and decided to sell our condo in Fort Myers. We hired Brad to sell it for us. He immediately inspected the property and made recommendations to upgrade certain aspects to make for a faster sale. Brad also conducted a market analysis and recommended a listing price along with a selling strategy and marketing approach. We accepted all of his recommendations. Because we live in Massachusetts, Brad handled not only the upgrades, but also handled the necessary repairs to the property before closing.

We found Brad to be the consummate professional who has figured out how to blend the best parts of the”old school” realtor with the best parts of the modern-day realtor. He looks professional, is articulate, extremely knowledgeable about real estate and the southwest Florida area, is always upbeat yet realistic, provides fact-based recommendations, works extremely hard, provides a continuous flow of meaningful communication including feedback without being a pest, is very tech-savvy and has a great website and excellent grasp of the power of technology while recognizing the importance of oral and face-to-face communication, was always accessible and available, and is genuinely likable. And he is honest.Brad is a doer.

I would wholeheartedly and without any reservation strongly recommend Brad Dohack as a seller’s or buyer’s realtor. He was outstanding!

~Mike and Susan Bergeron

I Cannot Recommend Brad Dohack Enough

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I cannot recommend Brad Dohack enough. We had been looking for some time and went through a few Realtors that just never seemed very interested in helping us find our dream home or wasted time pushing unsuitable properties. He is young, energetic and conscientious. He listened to us (needs, must haves, etc) and came up with perfect properties, no time wasting with him! I was overseas when my dream home came on the market and Brad sent me a video walk through. He knew exactly what I wanted, and I felt in very good hands and had complete trust in him. I returned to the US, everything was done and I closed the following week thanks to Brad’s diligence. Thank you, Brad!

~Kristine Eidem

Professional is an Understatement!

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I had known Brad previous to listing my home and was confident I had the best person for the job. It was to both our delights, that the house sold in a week! Right pricing, right location, right realtor. Professional is an understatement. Brad is quite simply on top of things.

~Carol Meyer

I Highly Recommend Dick Dohack!

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Dick Dohack is a knowledgeable, trustworthy, and hard working real estate professional. We met Dick Dohack through an online listing. He gave us good market information and helped us get to know the neighborhoods that met our needs. He was patient as we weighed our options and changed our requirements. Months after the closing Dick graciously helped us finalize a matter that was outside his responsibilities. I highly recommend Dick Dohack and would work with him in the future.

~Ken Turek

Thanks Brad For Making A Wish Come True

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If I say this once I will say it a hundred times. Brad Dohack is the greatest realtor I have ever worked with. He would tell you something and it would be done. He works with you not against you — he is 100% on your side. He knows what he’s talking about and he is the best. Thanks Brad for making a wish come true for me. You are number one. Number 1. The very best!

~Jan DeMeyere

Your Knowledge and Experience was Greatly Appreciated

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“Dear Brad,

We just wanted to say thanks for all that you did to make the purchase of our Gateway home a reality.
Throughout the entire process, we appreciated your patience. Because we were purchasing a short sale, at times we became frustrated. You always reassured us that things would workout and they did. We also appreciated your honesty when answering questions and concerns that we had. You also took time out to educate us on things that we
were not familiar with when purchasing a home in Southwest Florida, as we were new to the area.

We would not hesitate to refer a potential homebuyer to you or your company.

Thanks again for assisting us in the purchase of our home. Your knowledge and experience was greatly

~Kathleen & Gary Poppelriter

Communication By Email And Phone Was Superior

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“Brad – We want to express our gratitude in representing us on the purchase of our seasonal home in beautiful Paseo. Your professionalism guided us through the entire process from the initial home viewing, the lengthy negotiations to obtaining a signed contract.

Your communication with us back here in Canada by email and phone was superior as it kept us well informed with the progress of our closing. All your time and organization of having signed documents couriered back and forth made for a very smooth transition in our absence.

For anyone considering purchasing real estate in Southwest Florida, we highly recommend Brad.

Thanks for a job well done!!!!”

~Brent & Jo-Anna Keyes – Nova Scotia, Canada

Brad was Always a Phone Call Away

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“My husband and I first began working with Brad Dohack last July, 2011. He was essential in helping get our new home in Paseo, Fort Myers, Florida. Living back in Massachusetts made it difficult to know everything what we needed to do. Brad was always someone we could count on.

Anytime we called him, he returned our phone calls and sent emails back with the information we wanted. As we proceeded and began to have our home built in the new Esperanza section of Paseo, Brad was always a phone call away or an email away with the information we needed. He constantly sent us pictures of our home as it was being built. That was so awesome since we could not actually be there. As we got closer to our closing, my husband asked Brad about the measurements of the windows in our villa. Brad actually went into our villa and measured all the windows and emailed the measurements to us!!! That was amazing to us!

Brad is a fabulous realtor, knows his business and is the greatest of help. We couldn’t have done it without the amazing help of Brad Dohack. We highly recommend him as a realtor!”

~Nancy R. Nichols

Finally, We Found the “Right Home”

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“Hi Dick,
Gerry and I want to thank you so much for all your help in purchasing our retirement home in FL, it was a pleasure to do the business with you. I like the way you work from the beginning:

First You asked us all the criteria we wanted for our home.

After that we sent us the listings that match our criteria, and you were very persistent on sending us the listings. I have to say I am not very easy to please. I am not going to just settle for any home it must be the right home. But you have all the patience in the world and not gave up on us. Listings after listings with all my rejection you said “that’s OK we will find you the right home” and you were not pressure for the sale. And occasionally we found a home in the website, we let you know and you went out there to take the video and e-mail to us for “a visual tour”, that is a great service. Finally we found one “the right home”

After the Escrow closed you are still helping us out, most realtors probably just disappeared after the sale is final, BUT NOT you, Dick! We are appreciated all your help. For example you helping us by working with the security company in getting the security monitor set up, and all the other things that I have to burden you for your help. You have such a good attitude and patience, like one time when I was fraustrated with the security company and you have to go to the house for the 3rd time for the security monitor problem, I called you and you said “don’t worry about it we will get it done” it such a comfort to hear that and knowing that you are there to help us all the way. Like I always say “YOU ARE THE BEST, Dick!!!. And we are very much appreciated all the help you give us.


~ Kanitha and Gerry from CA

Clearly This Would Not Have Happened Without Your Involvement.

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“Hi Dick,

Thanks again for your help in purchasing our home in Gateway, Fort Myers.  You made the “home buying” experience an efficient and pleasant one.

From the beginning you impressed us with your knowledge of the market, organizational ability, interpersonal skills and overall professionalism. Initially we covered a lot of territory and saw many homes; because you’re observant and a good listener it became clear to us that you had knew exactly what we were looking for.  After our initial inability to reach a deal on our first offer, we remained confident even after we left Fort Myers for Massachusetts that we would still make something happen this year.  And, of course, we did!

As a result of your professionalism, we felt comfortable with you and trusted your instincts about the property that we finally purchased (for us, sight unseen.)  We believe that says a great deal about your skills as a realtor and also about your ability to work hard and effectively with others.  You sent photos via email and did the homework necessary to close the deal in a timely fashion. Clearly, this would not have happened and been such a smooth transaction without your involvement.

So thanks again for taking the time to work with us, and for being a positive and skilled real estate advocate in the purchase of our new home.

We appreciate your efforts on our behalf.”
~Ron Larrivee

Gets it Done when No One Else Can

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“My wife and I have been actively trying to purchase a second home in the Fort Myers/Estero area for three years. We made several offers on both short sales and traditional sales, but none panned out. It was either we were not the first offer (even if our offer was higher), or it was our offer was not the highest (even though we were first in), or we had the offer the bank was working with on a short sale, but the bank decided at the last minute to foreclose instead and we got pushed to the side.

We were ready to give up, but discovered Brad Dohack online back in Chicago with his 2 cent tours. He was touring places we had not even seen before, so we gave it one last shot with Brad last spring.

To summarize, Brad got it done when no one else could. After working with Brad in the spring without scoring, he kept working behind the scenes and called us out of the blue in September with news of a home he thought would be perfect for us that came on the market that day. He emailed us over 50 pictures and said it was an excellent short sale property and would not last long. And he was right.

We had our offer submitted within 24 hours, but there was an offer in front of us and several right behind. The seller considered them all and chose ours and sent it on to the bank. But Brad did not stop there. He worked tirelessly with the negotiator to get bank approval within two and a half months. During that time, we asked for a number of things and raised a number of difficult issues. Brad could have said he would get back to us in a day or two, but instead he would always respond within an hour and whatever was requested was in my email shortly after that and every issue got resolved quickly and to our satisfaction.

If you are an out-of-town buyer looking for a second home, there is no better agent to have working with you than Brad Dohack. He will not give up until he gets you what you are looking for. And he is always reachable so there is never a feeling of not knowing what is going on. He gets it done when no one else can.”          

~Jim & Michelle Wisniewski

Professional with Integrity

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“My wife and I worked with Brad for nearly a year in an attempt to secure a lot (which was in short sale) and then to negotiate to build a home.  Along that journey we also looked at existing homesites.  Throughout this process, which ran the full gamut of realty services, Brad was truly a professional gentleman.  He was always accessible, prepared and knowledgeable.  He was flexible and accommodating.  It was easy to become his friend because it was clear he was concerned about us and was treating us as he would a close friend.  You can rest assured that you have found a professional with integrity.”  ~Joshua and Ronna Nagin

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