Botanica Lakes Homes for Sale – Fort Myers

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Botanica Lakes Homes for Sale

Botanica Lakes homes for sale

Botanica Lakes, located in Fort Myers, FL, offers a unique opportunity in this market.  The builder, GL Homes, is still new homes in the community AND there are also foreclosures, short sales, and normal resales in the community. So once you add them up, you have 4 different options of Botanica Lakes homes for sale to choose from.  Let’s go into details on each one of them.

Homes for sale from GL Homes: GL Homes has done a good job of staying competitively priced, even with foreclosure and short sale activity in the community.  The builder knows that in order to sell in this market, they have to be extremely competitively priced.  Some people who look for foreclosures or short sales because of the price are not willing to either wait for the sales to complete, or want a perfectly ready move in house that they could not find otherwise.  If this describes you, you may considering looking at the Botanica Lakes homes for sale that GL Homes offers.

Normal Resale properties in Botanica Lakes: This category is the most infrequent.  Typically an owner bought the home at a higher price, but could have possibly bought it cash or has enough money to make up for the diffference between the selling price and mortgage amount owed.  Finding one of these Botanica Lakes homes for sale typically means the seller is motivated, especially if they are priced aggressively.

Short Sales in Botanica Lakes: The key with short sales is to know where they are in the negotiation process.  Short sales can take a LONG time, but they can also be somewhat quick.  It all depends on the stage of negotiations.  These can be a good option to get a good deal, but there is a large level of uncertainty in regards to time frames.  This would not be a good situation for a person wanting to be in a home within 30 – 60 days, unless the short sale has already been approved at the price listed. 

Botanica Lakes Foreclosures: Foreclosures are the buzz word right now.  They are statistically the best deals out there.  You never know what condition the property will be in, so I recommend going to see all of them that interest you.  You may find one that has the entire kitchen cabinets and appliances removed, but you may also find one that comes with brand new appliances and a warranty.  You have to know what to look for.  Out of the 4 options, foreclosures are my personal favorite, because you can get a great deal and the banks want to sell them quickly.

Here is the complete list of Botanica Lakes homes for sale.  Knowing what you are looking for will help me get crystal clear on the perfect home for you.  Let me know what questions you have.  I’m happy to answer them.

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