Botanica Lakes Bank Owned Homes


Botanica Lakes Bank Owned Homes

Botanica Lakes bank owned homes provide opportunity and value for the buyer.  While not every bank owned home is right for every buyer we always make it a habit to scour the current listings and present them to our buyers because without a doubt they represent value.  As with any kind of listing, the specific home must meet your needs but value is rarely a problem.


Banks do not want to own homes.  Banks make their money by lending money and receiving interest.  When they are forced to foreclose on a home they are left with the asset and want to convert it back to money as soon as possible.  For this reason they place a price on the home that will get it sold within 60 days.  What that means for the buyer is a posted price that is derived by taking the lowest prices for actual sales in that market.  Click on this link to see an up to date list of the  Botanica Lakes Bank Owned homes.  In this instance Botanica Lakes Bank Owned homes are priced by finding the lowest priced comparable homes sold in the last 90 days and using that to set the price.

Every buyer wants a deal and most worry that they are negotiating hard enough.  Botanica Lakes bank owned homes takes that off the table.  These homes are priced by professionals who have no interest in the financial outcome.  It is their job to establish a price that will simply get it sold.  To make it easy for you to stay in the loop, we update this list of Botanica LakesBank Owned homes on a daily basis. 


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