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There is a Better Way

The current state of the economy has created havoc for homeowners and banks alike. Many Ft Myers FL Homes were purchased in light of the financial conditions of the time. Rapidly rising property values and increases in equityhouse short sale were a given. If anything was to go wrong wages were high and job security was not a question.

My, how things change. These fundamental beliefs have all been turned upside down resulting in the current chaos in home ownership. Leading the way is unprecedented unemployment and underemployment which has made it impossible for many to keep their mortgages current. The flood of toxic debt has left financial institutions reeling and unable to meet the flood requests for mediation. Realtors have been willing to step up and work to mediate short sales with lenders but each lender has different requirements and processes and as a result success is questionable at best. The whole time homeowners slip further and further into a hole that leads to either foreclosure or bankruptcy.

Out of dedication to my clients I had to find a better way. What I have found is a specialty team of experts in this process. They have assembled negotiators, attorneys, investors and counselors who not only navigate and mediate this complicated process in a fast and efficient manner but they do it with the homeowner’s interest in mind, working to settle in a way that preserves to the best degree possible, the client’s credit. An integral part of the process is finding a buyer. While the mediators are working with you, we go to work finding a buyer to make the process work. This joint effort bringing buyer, mediator, and agent together has tremendous results.
If you are upside down on your mortgage and cannot fulfill your obligation this is the best and fastest method I have seen to resolve it. I encourage you not to delay. The mental anguish that accompanies the financial stress inherent in this is overwhelming and tears families apart. You must take action. Please call me and begin the process toward a new and better life.

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  • […] Unemployment in 2005 hovered around 3% and everyone was making money.  In 2009 Lee County posts 13% unemployment and many have been on the rosters for so long that they no longer are considered in the calculations.  Today we hear daily about government employees, long considered guaranteed jobs, losing their positions.  Construction jobs have all but dried up.  The result of all this hardship for many homeowners is the inability to keep up with mortgage payments.  Even homeowners with traditional equities of 20% and more find themselves upside down when property values plunge by 50%.  In the end the only way out is a Short Sale. […]

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